Back to School and other stuff

BratzBasher will be starting seventh grade on Wednesday.  She’s ready, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind calling the whole thing off.  School isn’t necessarily her favorite part of growing up.  I know I don’t miss seventh grade.

On the plus side, she’ll be sporting some kick-butt boots. I wish I were young enough to pull off that look.

We’re calling them Peacekeeper boots because they look a lot like the ones Aeryn Sun wears on Farscape.  We’re on a sci-fi kick these days.  BB and I spent some time last night figuring out what each character’s happy meal toy would be.  Not that I’m advocating the eating of happy meals, but the toys would’ve been awesome if we’d been in charge.

  • D’Argo’s tongue would extend when you squeezed the back of his head.
  • Chiana’s head would wobble from side to side — but it wouldn’t be oversized like actual bobble head toys.
  • Zhaan would say things like, “Let the goddess guide you in your search.”
  • Rygel would be one of those pull-back toys so that his thronesled could zip around the table.
  • Pilot’s arms would move up and down like a Rock’em Sock’em robot.
  • Aeryn would have movable appendages for hand-to-hand combat moves and a gun that lights up at the touch of a button.
  • John’s wouldn’t do anything because humans have no special abilities.  Plus, we think it would make for really funny comments if the characters of the show ever found the toys.

John:  Hey!  How come mine doesn’t do anything!

Rygel:  Seems to be the most accurate representation of all, if you ask me.

I’ll have a ton of time to myself once the kid’s off to school.  Add to that the fact that my volunteer job will disappear at the end of this month, and I’m going to need to find something else to do all day.

I have been working out on the Wii again.  It’s still insulting me, but I’m learning to ignore it.  Sort of.  At least weight is coming off.  Very gradually, but it’s happening.  I’m only trying for 5 pounds at a time, but it keeps me on a steady down slope.  I’m sure it would work a lot faster if I were doing more than Wii Fit.  Perhaps I’ll spend some of my ample free time walking — or going to the gym.  (Excuse me, the little voices in my head are laughing at me again.  Shut up, little voices!)

Ahem.  Moving on…actually, I don’t have anything else.  Like my new header?  I thought it was time for a change.  I never did put up a new one for August.  Not that I have to change it every month, but there’s usually a reasonable excuse to do so.  This one will probably stay up through September.

I’m going to go watch another episode of Farscape with BratzBasher.



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