I know it isn’t August yet, but…

…how am I supposed to avoid housework without the excuse that I’m posting important updates on my blog?  Not that I’ve ever done that — post important updates, that is.  I’m always avoiding housework.

We had a good trip to Idaho.  While we were in Idaho, that is.

On our way there, we had to take an hour and a half detour through Iowa because NW Missouri was flooded.  On our way back, we tried to avoid that by going through Kansas and taking I-70 home.  Unfortunately, some guy with anti-government bumper stickers on his truck freaked out the officials, and I-70 was closed from Wamego to Topeka.  Never heard of Wamego?  It’s the home of the OZ Museum and Toto’s Tacoz!  No, we didn’t go to either one.  We were too busy trying to get through town to Hwy 24 so we could get back on the interstate.  It took us an hour to go the first five miles.  Did I mention we were stuck behind tankers both times?  Very slow, squealy-braked tankers?

But enough about the annoyances of road travel.  Let’s talk about how fun Idaho is!  No, seriously.  Here are some items from our Idaho travel agenda:

  • We visited the piece of property we pitched in with four of the other brothers to buy.  It’s in the middle of forestry land, next to a reservoir.  The road is sort of a non-road, so you need a really good off-road vehicle to drive there.  We were bounced all over, but it’s awfully pretty there.
  • We visited Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve — there’s a ton of volcanoes there.  Scientists say they could erupt again in the next 1,000 years, so you’d better visit them now before they go off again!  (That’s a paraphrased version of the actual recorded message for one of the visitors center displays.)  We climbed down into Dewdrop cave and saw a lot of cool textures on the rocks.  BB chickened out halfway into the cave — it was a bit of a clamber, but not too bad.  She did follow Merkin all the way up the side of a volcano cone — I don’t remember what it was called — while I only made it halfway.
  • We visited EBR-1 (Electron Breeder Reactor 1), an experimental nuclear reactor turned into museum.  It was pretty cool.  We got to stand on top of the reactor, learn a bunch of stuff, play with mechanical arms….  We had a good time.
  • We visited Stricker’s Cabin — a major stopping point along the Oregon Trail.  The family had set up a store to replenish traveler’s provisions on their way west.  I’m sure there’s tons more to say about it, but I’m lazy and can’t remember all that much.  We showed up while the caretaker was outside on the lawn, so he invited us to come in and check out the house and the new visitors center.  I got a pin for my Oscar bag.  One of these days I need to take a pic of my Oscar bag and post it here.  I’ve got loads of pins on it.
  • BratzBasher and I saw/heard Merkin play in the Twin Falls Municipal Band concert in the park.  He calls up the director every time we’re going to Idaho in the summer and asks if he can play with the band.  He used to do it all the time when he lived there.  The director always says yes.  Merkin has a tuba at his parents’ house so he only had to bring his mouthpiece.
  • We went for a swim at Slagger’s.  (I think that’s how it’s spelled.)
  • We went shopping at the Gold Mine thrift store in Sun Valley (or was it Ketchum?) and found Merkin some $12 Dockers.
  • We stopped in Shoshone and had “small” ice cream cones that were about a foot tall.  You don’t want to know how big the “large” is.  Or maybe you do.  Who am I to assume how curious you are?
  • Merkin got loaded up with a bazillion shirts from his mom’s clothing stash.  When clothing goes on sale for super cheap, she stocks up and then distributes the wealth as kids come to visit her.  I think Merkin wound up with all the 2XL shirts she had — couldn’t be less than twenty.
  • Merkin also went to the Mexican grocery store in Twin Falls and got tepin peppers (one of the secret ingredients in his chili and salsa recipes) and giant flour tortillas bigger than my head.  They’re about…14 (?) inches in diameter.
  • We visited the Cauldron Linn waterfall.  I’ll post a pic when I get them uploaded.  The bottom of the fall is very much a roiling cauldron.  A roiling cauldron of DANGER — dun-dun-DUN!  The river is quite calm before the fall.  There’s a story of an expedition that lost men when the fall took them unawares and capsized their canoes.
  • We had lots of good mom-cooked food.   Can’t beat mom-cooked.  Well, not if you have a mom that can really cook.

I may be forgetting something, but I don’t know what.  I think I’d better go do something that actually needs doing now.


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