Is it just me, or…?

You know how the sacrament hymn is always about Christ and his sacrifice for us, his never-ending love, the atonement/crucifixion/resurrection?  It’s about Christ.  Like I used to tell BB when she was little and I wanted her to behave during the sacrament “It’s Jesus time.”  So why was our ward singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” for the sacrament hymn yesterday?  I know it was the day before the most patriotic holiday of our country, but c’mon — it’s Jesus time, and that song doesn’t mention him once.  I didn’t even know it was the sacrament hymn until I saw the priests breaking the bread.  Of course, that shows how much I pay attention in sacrament meeting if the “And now for our sacrament hymn…” didn’t really register in my head.

My apologies if the person responsible happens to be reading this — perhaps you could shed some light on the subject and educate the clueless.  I’m willing to stand corrected.  Or sit.  I’ll probably be sitting when I read any comments.  Perhaps it was chosen by inspiration.  How would I know?

P.S. — I considered putting in a picture of Jesus with an American flag — for about two seconds before I assured myself it was sacrilegious.  And not nearly as cool as the guy who did the coloring page of Jesus riding the dinosaur.


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