Better, and not.

My throat is feeling better, but my tummy is feeling queasy.  So I’m better, but I’m not.  That sucks.

On an entirely different subject — I really hate it when professional audiobook narrators don’t look up how to properly pronounce unfamiliar words.  Especially when I know how to pronounce them myself.  It isn’t “es-choo” — it’s “es-shoo”.  I don’t care how it’s spelled.  That’s the English language.  Deal with it.  And if I hear “char-ee” one more time instead of “chair-ee”, I’ll kick something.  And that will hurt me.  Thoughtless narrator.

Okay, I looked it up, and “eschew” is apparently supposed to be “es-choo”.  I still think it should be pronounced my way.  “Es-choo” sounds stu***.  But I’m right about the pronunciation for “chary”.  So there — plblbp!  (That’s a raspberry, by the way.  Or is it “razzberry”?  The WordPress smiley for that looks happy, not taunting — so I had to spell it out.)



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