Feeling a little less overwhelmed.

I found a leather-looking journal for just a few bucks at Target, and I put my lines for youth conference in there.  There’s no way I could memorize all my stuff — especially the whole page of lines I say at the temple lot.  They did say we could have “cheats”.

I’m going to attempt to get my hair cut next week.  It’s driving me bonkers and boring me at the same time.  Is that possible?  Apparently so.  I’m a complex woman, after all.

BratzBasher has been listening to The Lost Colony from Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series.  It’s very funny.  The demon, Number One, is almost cute in his innocence.  Since we have that “no headphones” rule, she’s listening to it over the kitchen speakers.  Better than Twilight.  She’s got pretty good taste in books.  Of course, I’m the one who introduced her to Artemis Fowl.

There’s a guy at Merkin’s work we call Swearing Guy (SG) because his profanity to clean language ratio is about three to one.  He’s been experiencing some rapid balding lately, and Merkin has him convinced that it’s because of his foul language.  “Don’t you know that every time you say a bad word an angel comes down and plucks a hair out of your head?  It’s in the Old Testament — tail end of Leviticus.”  Profanity count since then: about 5 curses total.  I hope it lasts.


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

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