Just wondering…

Why do the instructions state that you need one package of 1/2 inch, double-fold bias tape when clearly 2 (well, more like 1.3) packages are required?  Why can’t I see this error the first time I’m in the fabric store and not when I’m soooo close to being finished with the project after three trips to said fabric store?  We may never know.

BratzBasher thinks the yardage included in the packages decreased since the instructions were originally written.  I think they just use the smallest size as the gauge for how much you need, notions-wise.


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One response to “Just wondering…

  • merkin4

    I think you’re describing “Home Depot Syndrome”.

    Figure the number of trips you’ll need to make to the hardware/lumber store. Then multiply by 3, and add 2. That’s how many trips it will actually take.

    So, a one-trip project will actually take 5. A three-trip project will require 11.

    This is closely related to Federal Government Project Management Syndrome, where you take the time units your boss thinks the project will take, multiply by 3, add 2, and convert to the next highest unit of measurement.

    Two hour project? Eight days. Three week project? Eleven months. And for a twelve-month road construction project, you must allow 38 years.

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