Just popped into my head.

Don’t know why I thought of this*, but I remembered someone suggesting the egg-hatching idea for getting kids to sit still during a lesson in Primary.  It worked like a charm for me, but I could only do it once.

I gave everyone a paper egg and told them to sit on it to keep it warm.  If it didn’t stay warm enough, the egg wouldn’t hatch.  I told them that if they kept their eggs warm enough, the eggs would hatch at the end of class.  The kids got so into it that one asked me to sit on his egg while he went to the bathroom.  At the end of class, I gave all the kids (because their eggs were all warm enough) one of those pipe cleaner chicks you get at the craft store.  I found them super cheap at a post-Easter sale a couple of years ago.  I still have them in a couple of different sizes.  They were too cute to pass up.  Anyone got a similar silly idea that worked — whether for Primary, at home, or whatever?  I think I actually got that idea from Sister TMI.  That’s one good thing I can say about her.  I’m sure there are more, but I don’t care to dwell on her just now.

In other news…I’ve accepted a cupcake war challenge: The Royal Wedding.  A sister in our ward is a fan of the whole royal thing and is hosting the event, which will feature footage from the wedding.  I don’t really care about Prince William’s wedding, but I like me a good cupcake.  I signed up.  The catch: we have to use a traditional British ingredient (ie: fish and chips, cadbury chocolate, yorkshire pudding).

I thought about doing a savory cupcake with the English full breakfast theme, but that would require way too many ingredients.  I swear it would take twenty people to eat one of those breakfasts.  I could still do a simple breakfast-themed cupcake, but it’s sort of been done before.  Even the clever idea I had of cooking the egg inside or on top of the muffin.  Then I thought about using anise seed for flavoring.  That’s the ingredient for licorice.  I don’t mind anise.  I just don’t like licorice.  Weird, huh?  I thought maybe adding it to lemon cupcakes….

Are gingersnaps British?  Yes!  Wiki says yes!  (Not where they originated, but definitely popular there.)  I’m making ginger cupcakes with little gingerbread people on them.  Bride and groom.  Like on Little House and the Prairie?  The wedding between Laura and Almanzo that was totally different from the books — as was the entirety of their courtship.  Laura played it so much cooler in the books/real life.

Okay, I’m done.  Gotta wake up BratzBasher — she has the day off today, so I let her sleep in for a couple hours.

*Wait — I do know why I thought of it.  The library chicks hatched this week.  BB and I got to see the last two last night.  They have hatching eggs at the larger library branches every spring in the children’s section.  They’re so cute!


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