Stu*** Lifetouch

Is anyone else fed up with school photo companies?  If it isn’t lousy pictures that we don’t want to look at ourselves, let alone send to the grandfolks, it’s some stu*** new “convenience” that’s causing more trouble than any of it is worth.

BratzBasher’s picture was okay this year.  Not her best, but not her worst.  We managed to choose the least cheesiest of all the available backgrounds — whatever happened to plain?  I’d like to know.  Anyway…at least she was smiling.  They had told us we wouldn’t have to order until after we saw the pics, so they didn’t give us any way to order, or even find out how that process would work.  Because it’s a New Process, people.  NEW.

So we get the pics.  They’re in a packet of more than we need, of course.  (Was it you, lbs, that used extra wallet-sized pics of yourself for some funny scrapbooking collage?  Or is it the new meds talking?)  We received

  • 1-8×10
  • 2-5×7
  • 4-3.5×5
  • 8 wallet-size
  • a laminate sheet inlcuding keychain pics, a ruler, a pocket calendar, a bookmark, and a “KEEP OUT” door hanger (One side is your child’s sweet face — the other tells you to go away.  Which is actually sort of appropriate, now that I think about it.)
  • a half-sheet showing how dorky your kid would’ve looked with other backgrounds which you can still order!

Well, I figured we could get by with the 4-3.5×5 pics and a sheet of exchange-size (which we’d have to order).  I was all set to return 5/6 of the packet when I realized that the return/order system was severely lacking in instructions.  There was a sheet you could send in with whatever pics you didn’t keep (or by itself if you were enchanted with everything the packet had to offer) that gave you $1 off everything you kept.  OR there was a “re-order” form on the back of the envelope.  “Re-order.”  I didn’t place an order to begin with.  There was no ordering, nor any way of ordering before they sent that ridiculous packet home.  OH, and by the way, re-orders are full price plus shipping and handling.  Nice.  I would’ve wound up paying 150% for the photos I sort of wanted.

And did I mention that the form was on the back of the envelope?  As in it IS the back of the gimongous envelope that’s holding the pictures you’re supposed to be returning?  And the place where you write your credit card number — if that’s how you do it (I never would) — has no possibility for concealment unless you’re keeping the packet, cutting the order form off and cramming it into that tiny envelope that’s supposed to hold your payment for the pics you’re already in love with.

I tried to contact Lifetouch, but they only had an email/snail mail address.  No phone number, 1-800 or otherwise.  I emailed, but they never got back to me.  I tried finding info on their website.  Nada.  Just “Give us the money and back away from the computer, ma’am.”  Whatever.

I sent the entire packet back with Linda today, along with a note in that tiny payment envelope that says, “I found a better deal elsewhere.  Thanks for the hassle 🙂 !  Not that they’ll ever read it, but it made me feel better.  Maybe it’ll wind up on that passive aggressive note website someday.

I’m taking BB to JCPenney.  I found a coupon for $3.99/sheet and no sitting fee.  And, of course, there will be no shipping and handling.  Now, if I could only drag Merkin along with, we could get family pics, too.  Maybe in the fall.


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