I wanted to say, “Whoops!  Clumsy me!” but I didn’t add too much cheese to the pizza.

Anyway…I forgot to go to my creative writing class/group/whatever.  Whoops.  I got kind of busy cleaning (gasp!) and then getting distracted by refitting BratzBasher’s hakima pants (that’s probably redundant in Japanese, but I’m American) for her soul reaper outfit.  She’s wearing it to the anime convention this weekend.  She and Merkin are going to be on a panel discussing how to find/choose age-appropriate manga/anime.  Is it just me, or am I using a lot of /’s today?  Do I care?  No.

I’d show you my loot from the craft BINGO thing I went to this afternoon, but the computer won’t let me access the pics on our camera.  Whoops (on behalf of the computer).  I hate it when my cursor turns invisible.  Does that ever happen to you?

What I was going to say is that I had a good time with the Readers & Stitchers group that sponsored today’s activity.  It’s mostly grannies, but they’re a hoot.  I’ve been officially accepted — as in I’ve received my name tag kit.  Everybody in the group has this gimongous name tag that’s like a miniature quilt.  Each one is decked out with the wearer’s personal flair.  It’s pretty goofy, but it helps the ones who can’t remember anybody’s name.  I think I’ll fit right in.

Let’s see…the pincushion swap.  We drew names to determine who got to pick their pincushion first.  Even though I can’t show you photos of the pincushion I got, (Hey!  There’s my cursor!) I can tell you that my bunny was the first one chosen.  How awesome is that?  Totally.  I rock.  I also won at BINGO four times.  Most people did, but the prizes were many and mostly junky.  I did pick up a brand new seam ripper (purple), some cute bird fabric, a crocheted bookmark (also purple) that I will probably send to The Purple Lady, and a cutesified/bestamped packet of post-it notes.  Each time we played BINGO, we played a different version.  I had no idea there were so many.  I think we did five or six.  We didn’t play blackout, but several of us came close to getting that, anyway, before the announcer finally called the numbers we needed for the current game.  I think I’m already signed up for a Saturday meeting, but I’ll have to keep my eye out for more.  I had a good time.

I’ve been a weird kind of restless lately.  I told Merkin that I feel like I’m reluctantly nesting.  my need for action seems to be satisfied only by projects with a purpose.  Cleaning works really well.  Unfortunately.  Well, no, I guess it’s fortunate.  I can also craft or sew if I’m not doing it just to amuse myself.  So when I wasn’t cleaning, I was sewing BB’s soul reaper pants to make them fit better, or making her an Ecchan (EE-chahn) to wear on her head at the convention (either on day one or day two or both).  For those of you who don’t know what an Ecchan is, it’s a sort of spirit called a shikigami that looks like a cross between a ghost and a bunny.

He seems to be happiest when perched on someone’s head, so I added a loop on the underside that BB can slide a headband through to make him wearable.  I’ll post pics sometime when I have a more cooperative computer.

Now I am tired.  I might type more tomorrow.  I might not.  Maybe I’ll spend an hour compiling the ultimate cleaning playlist for my Zune.  Wait.  I’ve got a friend coming over in the morning to sew an apron.  Doh.  Guess I’ll have to settle for my old cleaning playlist.


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

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