National Volunteer Appreciation Week

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and that means it’s time for the annual library volunteer appreciation dinner.  20 hours of volunteer work at the library (or related functions/locations) gets you an invite + guest.  I took BratzBasher this year.

She enjoyed herself more than I expected.  Didn’t socialize much — there were teens there, but nobody she knew.  The food was to her liking, though.  (I’m just happy that the cold things were cold, and the warm things were warm.  And that there was plenty of chocolate cake for dessert.)  The keynote speaker was the vice president of St Louis Volunteen — an organization “by teens, for teens” which helps connect teens with volunteer opportunities — so that didn’t bore her.  She excused herself to discreetly blow her nose outside the auditorium just after the adult speaker (our library district manager) began and didn’t make it back before he was finished.  The  ending presentation was a PowerPoint slide show entitled “One”.  It was very cheesy, but Linda chose to ignore that in favor of being impressed by the obvious mastery of PowerPoint being displayed.

There were also blankets — this year’s token of appreciation, but what really grabbed BB’s attention were the President’s Volunteer Service Awards.  A certain number of hours for different age groups can earn you one of four different levels of recognition: bronze, silver, gold, and the President’s Call to Service Award (4,000 hours of service or more, over a lifetime, all ages).  To my surprise, I qualified for the bronze level and received a certificate, a lapel pin, and a signed letter from the President of the United States (which looks to have been xeroxed, but I don’t really care one way or the other).  Linda is coveting my pin.  It is pretty snazzy.  It looks better than this photo I found on the website:

The enamel on the shield is shinier.  I told Linda she could work on getting her own pin.  She just needs 50 hours before she turns 14, I think.  At 15, she moves to the next age bracket and will need 100 hours (like the adults).  Through age 14, 100 hours will get you the gold level.

Anyway…enough about that.  What I really wanted to say was

Celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week

by volunteering in your community

or by thanking a volunteer!

There’s my public service announcement for the day/week/year/decade/whatever.  I don’t really do PSA’s on here, do I?


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