And that’s just the ones I can remember!

1,084 books, 22 shelves.  It’s actually smaller than the library we have at home.  Not that we have a library.  It’s just that there’s a plethora of books scattered about our house that would, if assembled in an orderly fashion, be larger than what I’ve accumulated on my goodreads page.

Some people may gawp at my claiming to have read 1,001 books (there are 86 on my “to-read”, “currently-reading”, and “on-hold” shelves), but I point out that I’m adding any book I remember reading and on which I have an opinion.  A major chunk of my “collection” is made up of children’s books (220) — most of those read with BratzBasher.  There are even more YA books (357).  The clear winner in basic genre category: fantasy (215).  I’m not surprised.  But then, I’m the one who read them.

Most people who join simply just add books they’ve started since joining, maybe including favorites they’ve read previously.  I prefer to lay it all out there.  This is what I’ve read.  I’m not ashamed.  Except for that one chapter I read before I tossed Sunny Chandler’s Return.  Oh, and maybe the Twilight series, of which I read all four volumes yet didn’t award any of them more than two stars.  No, I take it back.  I’m not ashamed.  He who has never read cra* for fun, let him cast the first stone.

I don’t really know why I’m blogging about this.  I think this is more along the lines of blahblahblahgging.  There isn’t really a point.  Oh, wait!  Maybe there is.  I was going to say that I haven’t posted any book reviews lately.  If you really can’t live without them, you can find some on my goodreads page.  It should be set up to show you whether I’ve reviewed each one.  I honestly can’t tell because I’m automatically logged in, and I don’t see what you see.  I’d love to be able to review all of them, but that would take forever.  I’m focusing, instead, on reviewing the five-star and one-star reads (you have to know why I hated it, or your curiosity will lead you to pick it up yourself and then find yourself wishing you hadn’t.  Why, Foo4luv?  Why didn’t you warn me?  Did you think that one-star rating would be enough to deter me? Why, yes.  Yes, I did.), and some three- and four-stars that I particularly enjoyed.  Notice that on my “again-again-again” page they’re not all five-stars.  Sometimes, you have to admit that a book you love isn’t perfect.  On the other hand, sometimes, the perfect book is one you can’t bear to read again.  Maybe it’s too moving, intense, hits too close to home, is lost or out of print,  is so dang long that you were lucky to finish it in the first place…whatever.  I intend for all of my favorites to be reviewed eventually.  Meanwhile, I’m reviewing as I finish new books, so even the meh ones will have their 15 seconds of fame.  Or infamy.  Wait — what was my point?  Oh well.


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

One response to “And that’s just the ones I can remember!

  • madhousewife

    My goodreads shelf has all the books I can remember reading. Even the ones I’m ashamed of. Or it would include those books, if there were any I was ashamed of. I have enough shame in my life, I don’t really feel the need to be ashamed of books. It’s not like I wrote them or anything.

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