Nope. I got nothin’.

And yet here I am — blogging with nothing to say.

I could be watching Buffy right now.  I’m on Season 4 out of the 5 seasons I own (presents from Merkin and BratzBasher).  I preview each one and let BB watch the non-icky ones (read: no out-of-control-smooching).

[Okay, I think I’m required to warn you at this point that there will be SPOILERS.]

I did skip the one where Oz leaves Willow, because I’d seen that one before and hate it.  I liked Oz.  He was cool.  Until werewolf chick came along.  Bad werewolf chick!

BB and I watched the Thanksgiving episode Saturday night.  I think Spike stole the show in that one.  BB’s favorite line is right after Buffy stabs vengeful spirit dude with his own knife, and he turns into a bear.  Spike yells, “A bear!  You made a bear!  Undo it!  Undo it!”  Heh heh.

Remember that dress I was making for BratzBasher, and it was totally frustrating, and I never quite got it right, and so I just sort of gave up for nearly a year?  (Yes, I know that sentence is an offense to all grammar nazis.  I did that on purpose.)  Luckily, she hasn’t outgrown it.  The dress has been fixed, and I’m making the petticoat that goes underneath it to make the skirt all poofy.  I’ll take pictures.  Honest.  Did I mention how glad I am that she hasn’t outgrown it?

Spring Break is next week.  Merkin has the week off, too.  That never happens.  Whatever shall we do with ourselves?

The Friday before that is the school talent show.  BB is telling a story.  I hope it goes well.  Last year, she did a scary story in the three minutes allotted, and it was a huge hit.  She attained a certain amount of celebrity with that performance.  One kid told her his little sister won’t chew gum anymore.  Unfortunately, her time limit has been reduced to two minutes this year.  Two!  I think she’s got it slimmed down, but she’s disappointed about having to leave out one of her favorite sections.  I need to remind her to practice it.  The final rehearsal is tomorrow after school.

Speaking of after school…I have to get ready to pick up the kid.

I’ll post a book review soon.  I think I’ll do Child 44 by…whosisface —  I can’t be bothered to look it up right now.


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