Trust me, son — this hurts me way more than it hurts you.

When the Hannah Montana movie came out (if there was more than one, than it was each time a HM movie came out), Merkin used it to keep BratzBasher in line.  He’d say, “If you won’t behave/clean your room/etc, I will take you to see Hannah Montana.”  I think BB only half believed him, but half-belief was enough to make the threat good.  Knowing Merkin, I’m sure he would’ve followed through if she’d called his bluff.  I thought it was a pretty creative idea, but a coworker (we’ll call him Bob) recently one-upped him.

Bob’s 4th grade son had a full-blown temper tantrum at school.  Reinforcements had to be called in to subdue the boy.  Bob asked Merkin, “What sort of punishment can I inflict on him to convey the seriousness of his transgression without resorting to corporal punishment?”  I think he expected Merkin to say something like: “Dude, I don’t know, but I feel for ya.”  Instead, the response was: “Take him to the Justin Bieber movie.  Point to all the crazy, screaming fangirls and tell him that’s what he looks like when he throws a tantrum.”  Yes, folks, it was the Hannah Montana punishment reborn.

The great thing is that Bob actually did it.  He dragged his son to the movie, and sat through the whole, excruciating performance while his son begged and pleaded with him to take him home.  The boy broke into tears no less than three times.  Now, Bob just has to sing a few bars of a Justin Bieber song, and the kid falls right back in line.  I think that man deserves an award.  (Merkin gets credit for the idea, though.)


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