It’s time for another Monday Search Term Madness!  YAAAAYYY! (ala Kermit the Frog)  Without further ado, here are the latest gems from my stat page:

xlopnone — I’m pretty sure this isn’t how “xylophone” is spelled in any language.

define: xylophone —  Sounds cagey to me.  In what sort of situation would someone ask, “Is that a xylophone?” only to receive the response “Define: xylophone.”

xylophone madness —  I can’t decide if this refers to something geeky or awesome.  Or perhaps a music store sale.

milking cows by hand — I understand that you would be hard put to find something for which there aren’t instructions on the internet, but where do you set your laptop in order to maximize viewing and minimize the chances of Bossy kicking a hole in the screen?

big drawing of cows that are easy —  This one looks pretty easy.  I think it’s the eyeshadow.  Makes her look cheap. Oh, great.  Now I’ve got “Ring My Bell” stuck in my head.

free dr mojo jojo toy —  This sounds like a human rights campaign.  Or a primate rights campaign.  Free Mojo Jojo!  Equal benefits for an evil nemesis!

mojo jojo bored look —  He looks pretty bored here:

mojojojo confused

Hmm…why are we freeing this guy again?  Oh, yes.  It’s because of all those great…

mojo jojo quotes — This is one of my favorites:

Excuse me sir, but can you direct me to the location of where I can locate some eggs for I would like to purchase them so that I can take them home with me and I can eat them today.
And maybe tomorrow.

bitten twix bar —  I’ve never been that desperate.

And last, but not least…drum roll, please…

“pull your pants up…your panties are showing.” —  I know exactly what they’re talking about.  Do you remember this?


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