Was it really that long ago?

12 years today — 12! — BratzBasher was born.  Only the second girl in three generations on Merkin’s father’s side of the family, she was quite the little miracle.  I can still remember the doctor’s first words when he saw her: “What have you been eating?  This kid’s got a tan!”  Um…carrots and spinach lasagna.  (Coincidentally, she likes both.)

BB’s first Halloween costume was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  She watched that movie as many times a day as I could stand it.  In fact, Wizard of Oz was the movie that spawned the rule: You can’t watch the same thing more than once a day.

Wanting to give myself plenty of time to correct any errors, I made the dress in early September.  BratzBasher wore it just about every day.  We had to sneak it into the wash when she was asleep.  It was already looking well-loved by the time Halloween finally rolled around.  I found her a pair of ruby slippers at the local consignment shop, and she promptly named them her “Doty shoes”.  I think she went through five pairs of Doty shoes before she outgrew her Wizard of Oz phase.

Merkin still remembers the day he took her to Granato’s for lunch.  She was, of course, wearing her Doty dress and shoes.  She was quite the favorite customer, and employees fawned over her and gave her free breadsticks and cookies.  That day, a lady customer walked up and said to BB, “Well, hello!  I know who you are.  You’re Dorothy, aren’t you?”  BB frowned and said, “No.  I BratzBasher.”  The lady responded, “Well, I bet I can guess what your favorite movie is.  It’s Wizard of Oz, isn’t it?”  Again BB corrected her, “No.  Brigdoon.”  The lady didn’t have anything to say after that.

Brigadoon really was BB’s favorite movie.  She had no interest in Disney cartoons, but she loved all live action musicals.  If it had real people singing and dancing, BB loved it.  Brigadoon had great music and great dancing — Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse.  Of course, Fiona Campbell didn’t have Dorothy’s snazzy shoes.

This story illustrates two important things about BratzBasher:

  • You can’t tell everything about her just by looking at her — no matter how obvious she may seem.
  • BB has never pretended to be anyone but herself.  She’s dressed up in various costumes and pretended to be various kinds of things (ie: superhero, detective, princess, monster), but she’s never answered to any name but her own.  That always impressed me when she was younger.  I remember my little brother once spent a year pretending to be a boy named Henry.  A niece of mine spent multiple years as Cindy.  BB, however, has always been BratzBasher and proud of it.

Happy 12th birthday, BratzBasher!

My *sniff* not so little anymore *sniff* girl.

P.S. — When BB was two, we took a family trip to Washington D.C. and made sure to visit the real Doty shoes in the Smithsonian.  We have a video of BB dancing around in her own ruby slippers, grabbing random strangers, and pointing to the display while shouting, “Doty shoes!  Doty shoes!”  We should really get it converted to digital.


BTW: Not my photo — not my daughter’s feet.



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