*whimper* ouch.

Ever since Monday evening, the entire left side of my jaw has been hurting — from the middle of my chin to my left ear.  Tylenol doesn’t help.  Cold used to help, but not anymore.  Heat doesn’t help.  I even took a codine-laced Tylenol last night, and it dulled the pain enough to get to sleep.  Unfortunately, I woke up at 3:30 am when it wore off, and I couldn’t get back to sleep until just before Merkin got up for work.  I know it was just before because I heard him hitting the snooze on his alarm, but I didn’t hear him get up later.

So in the wee hours of this morning I surfed the internet for possible causes of my symptoms — something you should never ever ever do (for obvious reasons).  I found a site called “misdiagnosis.com” or something.  Who the heck wants a misdiagnosis?  And a self-made one at that?  Whatever.  Then I located some sort of “ask a dentist” site, and I think I might have an infection under my crown.  The one that was put in months ago.  I could be totally wrong, but the symptoms all match.  I made an appointment with the dentist.  I’m not going to tell him what I think is wrong — I’m just going to tell him my symptoms and let him figure it out.  We’ll see if I’m right.

Unfortunately, my appointment isn’t until tomorrow morning.  I had the option of 8:30 am, 9:30 am, or 11:30 am.  I figured I’d never make it to the 8:30 — even if I were to wake up five hours earlier (like today) — but I didn’t want to wait for 11:30, so my appointment is at 9:30.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes.  Meanwhile…I’m hungry, and the only things we have that I don’t need to chew are

  • applesauce
  • ice cream
  • whipped cream
  • milk
  • chocolate syrup
  • lemon pudding (but it’s still in the box, not premade)
  • yogurt (which I hate unless it’s Yoplait’s raspberry chocolate mousse flavor)

This is not really conducive to healthy eating, is it?  So what have I had to eat so far?  I chopped up a square of Trader Joe’s Pound Plus milk chocolate bar and let it melt in my mouth.  I have a sudden craving for mashed potatoes.  Well, actually, I really want fries, but those have to be chewed.  This sucks.  Which reminds me that sucking also hurts, but not as bad as chewing.  Sigh.


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