Baking: the agony and the ecstasy

Friday, BratzBasher decided she needed to make a cake.  By herself, thank you very much.  How very grown up.  I only had to help her with a couple of things: hold the bowl steady while she scraped the batter into the pan, turn on the oven (our very old oven dials are hard to read nowadays), and put in/take out the cake.  (BB has a fear of being burnt by Mr. Oven.  Can’t really blame her.)

15 minutes later, she calls out to me and tells me it’s done.  Are you sure?  Yes, she put in the toothpick and it came out clean.  So I took a look.  I don’t have pictures, but it was extremely lopsided.  The top was burnt, and the center of the high end was still goopy.  BB cried.  “I can’t make cake!  I’m a horrible cook!”  Yeah, she gets that from me.  The pessimism, not the inability to cook.  I couldn’t figure out what had happened, but I scooped out the done innards and, after we had sufficiently distanced ourselves from the disaster with a Loony Toons break, we had parfaits with chocolate cake innards and chocolate pudding cups.

Merkin solved the mystery later when he came home: the oven had obviously been set to “BROIL”.  BB was totally vindicated.  After all, I had been the one to turn on the oven.  Sigh.

Yesterday, BratzBasher had to make cookies.  No — one cookie.  As big as a pizza.  So we made a giant sugar cookie, and BB frosted it with the chocolate frosting and orange decorator icing she’d intended to use on the failed chocolate cake.  It came out perfect, and she snapped a few pictures before we sliced it up and partook of the glorious bounty.  Here it is:

Notice the lovely tree in the center and the creative use of each of the four decorating tips that came with the can.  It was delicious, by the way.

P.S. — I’ve taken a tiny paintbrush and white paint to the oven dials and refreshed the markings.


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