Monday Search Term Madness-7

You know, toilet paper has quickly become the number two search term for visitors to my blog.  (Sorry, that pun wasn’t originally intended, but I’m inclined to leave it there.)  Three is fuji apples.  Of course, xylophone is still number one, and it does make a cameo appearance in this edition of MSTM.

a funny thing to utter to the teacher on — I know there’s a joke in here somewhere.  Anyone?

paper toilet — This just doesn’t seem at all practical.

evil tylenol — Bite your tongue!  I love my Tylenol.  Well, actually, I get the generic, but it’s the same thing.

no name toilet paper — Is it generic, or is the label missing?  Dude, the label is part of the wrapping.  You know what they say about purchasing products when the seal has been tampered with.

toilet paper pictures — I’ve heard of toilet paper wedding dresses, but not art.

nancy drew eating — Have you ever noticed that there’s always at least one description of a meal in each ND book?  I find them interesting, but not as much as the descriptions of her clothing.

fuyi apple — I’m sure they meant “fuji”, but seeing it spelled like this makes me think “phooey!”

ttoilet poper — You make something up.  I’m still giggling.

xylophone… — Yes?  Was there something more you’d like to add?

antarctica idiots — I know at least one, but that’s not her real name.

mosquito pictures for kids — You know, as opposed to the naughty ones meant for adult eyes only.

picture of am fuji apple — Is there really a difference between morning apples and evening apples?  Does the designation depend on when you eat it, when it’s picked, or what?

toilet paper on counter — I think this warrants a video response…Okay, this link is no longer good, but there was a video clip from “Mad About You” here that showed the wife complaining, without using any words at all, about her husband not putting a new roll on the toilet paper holder.


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