Auntie Heather

So far I only have one YA author link on my blog, but I doubt it will remain so for long.  Heather Brewer is the author of the Vladimir Tod Chronicles — a five-book series beginning with Eighth Grade Bites and ending with yet-to-be-released Twelfth Grade Kills.  Don’t ask her why she hasn’t written a [Blank] Grade Sucks.  She’s still miffed that the publishing company thinks it’s too offensive a title.

Vladimir Tod isn’t your typical vampire.  He was born, not created, from his vampire father’s forbidden marriage to his human mother.  Since his parents’ death in a house fire, he’s lived in Bathory with his Aunt Nell, a good friend of his mother.  He can eat human food, but his very rare steaks are usually drenched in donated blood that Nell (a nurse) swipes from the hospital blood bank just before it expires.  He also prefers his Hostess cupcakes with blood capsules hidden in the cream filling.  Hey, he’s got a sweet tooth, and Nell is very resourceful about sneaking vampire nourishment into his school lunch.

Vlad’s best friend is Henry, the coolest dude in school and Bathory’s resident chick magnet.  Henry has also been Vlad’s drudge ever since Vlad bit him when they were small children.  Hey, Henry asked him to, and Vlad didn’t know it would bind Henry to him as his trusted servant.  Shortly after the start of eighth grade, Vlad learns there was a lot more to his father than he ever suspected, and now Vlad is in very serious danger from the local vampire council merely because he exists.

Vladimir Tod is a thoroughly enjoyable series.  The  books may be quick and easy reads, but readers willing to dig deeper will find a story that speaks to teenagers (and adults) who are looking to find their own sense of self in spite of pressuring preconceptions from family, friends, and the world at large.  Vlad is a decent kid fighting to hold onto his own values that seem to be in total opposition to his perceived destiny.

Heather Brewer, known as Auntie Heather to her adoring fans (referred to as the Minion Horde), is just as cool as her books.  I’ve met her at numerous author events and am always impressed by the way she relates to her fans on their level while offering them a role model that won’t make their parents cringe.  Her language and attitude are exemplary, her books are clean — and as wholesome as vampire books can possibly be, and she doesn’t talk down to her minions.  She recently lost a very noticeable amount of weight and was quick to explain to readers that she did it by following a plan of dietary reform and exercise set by her doctor, not through surgery or fad diets.  She’s currently working on a new vampire series called Blood Bound.

You can visit Auntie Heather here.


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