My Wii Fit routine is not a spectator sport!

I decided to be good and actually get back to exercising last night.  I figured I’m more of a night owl, so I should try doing my workouts before bed.  That way, if it tires me out (as it usually does), I don’t have to feel guilty about falling asleep.  The only problem is that BratzBasher insists on watching me.  And commenting.  And singing inspirational (spontaneously composed) songs that I don’t find the least bit inspiring.  Oh, and did I mention the laughing?  She even gets mad at me if I lose whatever dog or cat companion I pick up while doing the island cycling program (a personal favorite of mine).  “You can’t jump the river!  You’ll lose the kitty!”  Sigh.

I tried numerous times to tell her to be quiet, but it didn’t help.  I think I wouldn’t have been nearly as irritable if she hadn’t been singing.  Shortly after having BratzBasher, I discovered why my mom was always walking around the house singing whatever she was doing.  She must have developed the habit the same way I did — for the purpose of keeping the baby entertained.  After five kids, you can’t blame her for being unable to stop.  Mad has fond memories of Moo (Shortened version of Mommy Moo, which we actually did use) making Chex Mix and singing to the tune of the love theme from Romeo and Juliet (the 1960’s version):

A time to stir, a time to stir

A time to munch, a time to crunch

But now it’s time to stir

The Chex Mix

A lovely, munchy, crunchy taste delight!

Apparently, the talent does not truly develop until after you have children because BB’s impromptu lyrics could really use some work.  She can’t seem to grasp the concepts of rhythm and rhyme.

If you’d like a reminder of what the love theme from Romeo and Juliet sounds like, here’s a vid from Youtube, although I have no idea what’s up with the kitty.



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