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I know, I know I promised I’d post on Monday, but…well, here I am — just one day late.

This week Foo4’s Favs features The Breast Cancer Site.  This is a wonderful site that allows you to help fund free mammograms every day just by visiting and clicking on the large, pink button.  No registration, no fee.  The funding comes from sponsors who advertise with TBCS.  The site offers additional opportunities to fund their program, including shopping at their store.  If you post a photo along with your own personal story about dealing with breast cancer, the site will contribute money for breast cancer research at the Mayo Clinic.

This is one site that I visit every day — even if I don’t do anything else.  Of course, having lost my mom to breast cancer 13 years ago, this is my particular favorite cause.  Give it a click, and tell a friend.  And call your doctor to schedule your own mammogram!


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