QotD-4: Reveling in the lameness

I’m currently listening to Dean Koontz’s Dead and Alive, the third book in the Frankenstein series.  I’m a big fan of Koontz.  I like his sense of humor, he can write really freaky-psycho bad guys, and Odd Thomas is one of my favorite characters.  I read the first two Frankenstein books in hard copy, so I don’t know how they rate in audio format, but the guy reading book 3 doesn’t seem too impressed with the material.  His reading comes across as almost sarcastic.  At first, this bothered me because it’s difficult to really get into a book if the reader isn’t taking it seriously.  However, the further I got, the more I began to enjoy the reader’s tone.  The way he reads it, Dead and Alive is a much funnier book.  The scenes involving Bucky and Janet on their killing spree are downright hilarious.  I think there are quite a few lame books out there that could do with some sarcastic audio performances.  Therefore, my Question of the Day is…

What book would you like to hear read in a sarcastic tone?


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3 responses to “QotD-4: Reveling in the lameness

  • Brother Remora

    “It Takes A Village”, by Hillary Rodham Clinton. A sarcastic voice would be the only way to tolerate, I think. “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore would need the same thing.

  • bythelbs

    How about anything by Nicholas Sparks. Only I don’t actually want to read/hear an entire novel by Nicholas Sparks, but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw “lame books”.

  • madhousewife

    I should think that “Twilight” would be the obvious choice. “Oh yeah, you’re EXACTLY my brand of heroin.” [Gratuitous eye-roll–imagined because it is an audio book] Actually, any love story would probably be a good candidate.

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