Monday Search Term Madness-4

I’m rather disappointed in the search terms this week.  The pickings are slim.  Even the ones involving the “x” word are lame.  I’ve got just five today.

when was tylenol invented — If I knew that, I’d mark it on my calendar and celebrate it as a holiday.  Well, no.  Not really.

were’s the bunny on October 2009 cover — Why is everyone so concerned about Arthur’s whereabouts?  I tell you, I don’t know!  Stop badgering me!

tylenol $ — Maybe I should invest in Tylenol stock.

how to create a mii sherlock holmes — Traditional, or Robert Downey Jr?  What will you use him for?  Boxing?  Hula hooping?  That would be funny.  Sherlock Holmes on the hula hoop.  Can you make a Watson, too?

my husband controls my bathroom privileg — Okay, I’ve got to ask.  Is it because you’re taking long showers and using up all the hot water?  Do you leave your female stuff all over (make-up, hair junk, boxes of tampons)?  Is he annoyed because you keep leaving the toilet seat down?  Or is it something I don’t want to know?  Why are you looking on my blog for answers?  We all have our own bathrooms here.  Mine is the master bath, BratzBasher’s is the one across the hall from her room, and Merkin’s is downstairs.  I have to borrow BB’s for showers, though, because mine is just a half bath.  I know, totally weird for a master bath, but whatever.  Three bathrooms, three family members, no problem.  Get him his own bathroom.

Maybe my blogs are just too boring to garner more interesting search terms.  I have to admit, I’m surprised my comments from last week’s MSTM didn’t produce any unsavory searches.  I should say I’m pleasantly surprised, though.  I mean, I really didn’t want to go there.  Notice I’m not using the “x” word anymore?  Maybe that will cut down on the boring searches.  Yeah, right.  At least people seem to have learned how to spell it properly.


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