Somebody give this girl a government grant! QotD-3

BratzBasher’s class has been presenting their science projects this week.  I’ve been enjoying hearing about the different projects and what BB thinks about them.  This morning, as we waited for her bus, she told me about Antarctica‘s project.  It asked, “Which scented candle burns the longest —  WhiteRain, or Apple?”  She titled it “Let There Be Light!”  I know I shouldn’t be surprised (I mean, this is Antarctica we’re talking about), but Whiskey Tango?!  Seriously?!

So my Question of the Day: What is the dumbest science project you’ve ever heard of?  This can be a project conducted by “professionals” or school children.  Antarctica gets my vote.

I have to admit, though, that my favorite science project I’ve seen (in the humor category) was one done by a sixth grader about the effects of cigarette smoke on plants.  The student’s mom smoked, so he grew two plants in 2-liter soda bottles (one for him and one for mom) and had his mom blow cigarette smoke into hers every day.  The plants were on display.  The student’s was pretty much dead, but the mom’s was flourishing.  In the post-experiment comments he mentioned that his plant probably would have turned out better if he’d watered it.


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3 responses to “Somebody give this girl a government grant! QotD-3

  • merkin4

    When I was young, we didn’t get any of that new-fangled “science fair” stuff. I suppose we didn’t need to know any science to move sprinkler pipe and spray for Canadian thistle….

    The local power company sponsored a regional “Alternate Energy” competition. I won a couple of prizes in seventh and eighth grades, even though my projects were horrible messes.

    There was a young lady from another school there who set up next to me one year. She had designed a “wind powered car”, poster only, no prototype. The “car” was to have an open air intake on the front, hollow doors for the air to flow through, and an air output on the back. Natural wind would blow in the front end and power a turbine that would move the car forward. Car moves forward, more wind comes in the front, car goes faster and faster. A judge asked her what would happen on a day with no wind. Of course, being in Idaho, that was unlikely to happen, but she said “You could get somebody to blow in the front of the car to get you moving, and then once you’re moving, it would keep going.”

    I personally thought my methane generator was a lot more practical. After all, Idaho has lots of cows, and lots of waste, and the judges just loved terms like “You want the cow manure to be the consistency of a good, thick milkshake.”

  • madhousewife

    I love that cigarette smoke/plant project. That’s awesome.

    My son’s school recently had a science fair. I looked at a lot of different projects, but none really stood out. All I remember is that there were far too many about mold. With visuals, of course. ::shudder::

  • bythelbs

    We’ve not yet had the pleasure of participating in a science fair with any of our children. Knock on wood. Or scented candles.

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