T-36 hours

That’s how long I’ve got to finish my Christmas preparation, pack for our trip to Seattle, and squeeze in some sleeping, too.  I suppose I should have a couple of showers in there somewhere.

I’ve been working on a black, velvet cape for the Purple Lady.  She had one that her mother had given her during PL’s freshman year at college, but her kids got rid of it when they shipped her off to assisted living a few years ago.  When she got out (sounds like a release from prison, doesn’t it?), tons of her stuff was gone.  She misses the cape.  I know the one I make won’t be the same, but I think she’ll appreciate the thought, and she loves to dress up.

Unfortunately, the lining on said cape is giving me serious heck.  I picked a bad material, and I didn’t know about certain measures that have to be taken when sewing with velvet, but the lady at the fabric store set me straight.  I now have appropriate fabric (purple) and two attack plans (A and B).

I also need to finish sewing my second apron.  When PL heard I was sewing aprons, she asked me to make one for her.  I told her she’d have to wait until after Christmas.  I need to find some purple fabric.  I guess I’d better keep saving all those coupons Joann keeps emailing me.  I printed out four for my shopping trip today, and had two left over to give to fellow shoppers.  I love doing that — especially when they’re buying a ton of stuff, or a really expensive item.  Once, they even emailed me twice as many coupons so that I could share them with friends/family.  I’ve never tried to print out more than one copy of a coupon (I’ve never had need to), but I’d probably be able to do that, too.

Anyway…I just realized I have nothing to give to my brother for Christmas.  Doh.  Ideas, anyone?  Merkin finally came up with the idea for my dad’s gift, but I’ve got nothing for brother.  I don’t know why men have to be so difficult.

Tonight (well, this afternoon, really) we had our official Christmas dinner.  One of our favorite families came to share it with us, and PL joined us, too.  Her family skipped town for the holidays.  They offered to take her along, but she didn’t fancy riding long hours in a vehicle with a drooling boxer (canine, not pugilist).  The boxer belongs to her grandson.

Merkin outdid himself, as usual.  We had dutch oven turkey, dressing (aka stuffing that hasn’t been stuffed into anything), cheesy carrots, green bean casserole (done the “right way”), and grandma rolls.  Merkin was worried the rolls wouldn’t turn out right because the recipe went missing, but they were wonderful.  I never would have known he’d been winging it if he hadn’t confessed.  For dessert, there was fresh dutch oven apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

We had a great time.  We fed the kids first, then sent them to the front room and gave them a mega set of tinkertoys and about a bajillion cardboard blocks to play with.  This kept them occupied while the adults had dinner and “boring” conversation.  Occasionally, one of the kids would come back to the dining room to show us something they’d made, but they mostly kept away and played together.

I’d better get moving again.  So much to do, so little time.  You probably won’t hear from me again until next year, unless you live in Seattle.   In the meantime, enjoy this “very special video for a very special Christmas song, ” and have a very special merry Christmas!


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