It’s the thought that counts -QotD

So I recently heard about Obama’s problems with gift-giving.  Apparently, he chose some real clunkers for his visit to England. The British PM got 25 Pixar DVDs that won’t play on British DVD players (They’ve got a different format), and the queen got an iPod.  Well, if she didn’t already have one, the iPod might have been cool.

Obama’s idea was that he wanted the gifts to be for the individual, not the country.  If he’d given them something elaborate/expensive, it would have been considered a gift to the country that the recipient couldn’t personally use/retain.  That’s a good idea, but the choices left something to be desired, I think.

My Question of the Day: If you were President of the United States, and you were visiting the leader of a foreign country, what gift would you bring? Answers can be serious and thoughtful or silly and fun.

Actually, this kind of reminds me of a game Merkin and BratzBasher like to play: What should we get Mommy for Christmas? There are usually marshmallows and/or blue food items involved. Very reminiscent of the anti-wish lists my sisters and I used to write for Christmas — you know, stuff that you definitely didn’t want to get. Liberace posters and underwear always made the list. I was always extra specific about what kind of underwear I didn’t want to get: no underwear with snails on them, or girls playing tennis. This was because that’s exactly what I got one year. My mom thought they were cute, but I was less than impressed. When you’re eight, you don’t really care if you need new underwear.  It’s certainly not something you can show off to your friends.


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5 responses to “It’s the thought that counts -QotD

  • merkin4

    Depends on the leader I’m visiting.

    Lifetime leader (for example, Queen Elizabeth), you have to figure that there’s very little they don’t have already, and all their needs are provided. So, I figure I’d take something they can’t get, something that will be used up, and something they can share. I’d also want it to be personal (or at least seem personal). First ideas that come to mind would be some really big Idaho potatoes, smoked Idaho rainbow trout, bison steaks, wild huckleberry jam, or some Missouri rib sauce and dry rub.

    For an elected leader, I’d have to figure that while they are really busy right now, they might have some free time with family in the future. Something good for Tony Blair to do with the grandchildren – a really interesting and detailed pop-up book, a cool chess set or backgammon set, something like that. The sort of thing that doesn’t have a high dollar value, but that 150 years from now has the great-great grandchildren looking in awe over the cool game that came from the President.

  • madhousewife

    It’s certainly not something you can show off to your friends.

    Says you. Square.

  • bythelbs

    I don’t remember any childhood underwear other than the Supergirl underoos.

    I have no idea what I’d give. Underwear? At least it would be memorable.

    • foo4luv

      I think I was the only kid who got underwear that year. The rest of y’all got cool stuff. Actually, I know I got some good presents in addition to the underwear, but the underwear is all I remember. Funny that.

      Following Merkin’s family tradition, the only present you get if you’re naughty is underwear. Not coal. Just underwear. That’s all Santa brings naughty children. We actually did that for BratzBasher one year. She was an absolute pill on Christmas Eve, so Merkin went out and bought a package of plain, white underwear for her. Nothing in the stocking, just the underwear under the tree. We’ve never had a problem since. I think she was three that year, so it really made an impression.

      • merkin4

        Oh, she got other stuff, but the underwear was a reminder from Santa that she’d been a pain in the butt. You’ve got to be really, really bad to get nothing but underwear, but if you’ve been naughty, the underwear takes the place of what could have otherwise been a cool, fun present.

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