Foo4luv’s Illustrated* Thanksgiving ABC’s

Hey, I’m actually posting something for Thanksgiving!  Hey, I’m actually posting it on Thanksgiving!  (Well, okay, I didn’t manage to get it loaded until after midnight.  Whatever.)  I’ve decided to express my thanks in alphabetical order.  Of course, I’ll likely miss some things, but there will be one thing for each letter.  Let’s see how well I do.

[*All pictures were bogarted from other sources.  The H illustration was done by BratzBasher.]

  • A is for apples — especially Fuji apples.  Mmm…with gorgonzola….

  • B is for BratzBasher (whose real name doesn’t start with B, but I’d rather not get into that mess, so she’s going   here) who manages to make me happy while she’s driving me crazy.

  • C is for chocolate.  Really, did you expect anything else?

  • D is for Mrs. D, BratzBasher’s JET teacher.

  • E is for Extra Strength Tylenol.  As Merkin says, “There is a reason why God, in His infinite wisdom, invented pharmaceuticals.”

  • F is for friends who are just as warped as I am, so I look normal.

  • G is for glasses — as in spectacles.  I’d be pretty useless without mine.

  • H is for my husband, who is still putting up with me after 13 years of crazy.

  • I is for insect repellent.  I live in a very humid climate, and the mosquitos love it here.

  • J is for jeans.  I wear them every day.  Lee now makes ’em so they don’t stick out at the waist when you bend over.

  • K is for the kids in my Primary class.  I teach 6- and 7-year-olds, and they’re all very sweet — not perfect, but sweet.

  • L is for Libraries.  I love books, and having easy access to a public library is heaven.  I can read all the books I want without having to purchase any.

Frenchman's Bay

  • M is for milk.  I’m a big milk drinker.  I’ve got to have a tall glass of it every morning with breakfast.  It’s also good with cookies or cake, and have you ever bitten off the ends of a Twix bar and used it as a straw for your milk?  Mmmm…delicious.  Cows rock, don’t they?

  • N is for no outstanding bills.

  • O is for oversized sweats.  I like to wear them for jammies; they just feel warmer and comfier.

  • P is for pie.  Pie, pie, pie, pie, pie…PIE!

weebl and bob – pie

  • Q is for quick checkers at the store.  You know the type.  They’re so efficient that they can process ten customers’ purchases correctly in the amount of time it takes Suzy Slowpoke to do two.

  • R is for rabbits.  I love their soft fur, their fluffy tails, and their adorable noses.  Normally, I’d file them under “B” for “bunnies”, but BratzBasher takes precedence.

  • S is for sewing.  I inherited my mother’s sewing machine (which is probably older than I am), and I love making Halloween costumes, jammies, and Easter dresses for BratzBasher.  Sometimes I even sew things for myself.

  • T is for toilet paper.  Can you think of a better T word for this list.  Yeah, exactly.

  • U is for unabridged.  That goes for dictionaries, novels that don’t leave out the good stuff…etc.

  • V is for variety.  It’s the spice of life.  Some things you like to stay the same, but for others you want options.  Movies, music, books…gotta have variety, or you’ll go loony.

  • W is for water.  My favorite drink.  It goes with just about everything.  Merkin’s parents live in rural Idaho, and they have excellent water — best I’ve ever tasted.  Milk is still better for brownies, though.

  • X is for xylophone because x is always for xylophone.  It’s a fun instrument.

  • Y is for Youtube.  I could waste the day away surfing that site, but I’m very careful to exercise self-control.
  • Z is for my Zune.  It’s got my tunes, my books, my sudoku…yeah, it’s all good.


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

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