Instructors from the Infernal Region

Okay, I haven’t been posting as often as I should. You’d think this was a journal, or something. 😉

Thanksgiving is in two days, but I’m going to operate under the assumption that I’ll be really good this week and write a “thankful” post tomorrow.  Or even Thursday.  Maybe Friday.  Yeah, whatever.  Anyway, this one’s gonna be all about evil teachers.

BratzBasher’s class had a substitute yesterday.  The class wasn’t on its best behavior.  I totally get that.  I even understand (though I do not agree with) the method of punishing the entire class for the misbehavior of the majority.  What completely escapes my ability to comprehend is why any teacher would deem it appropriate to grant bathroom privileges on the basis of good behavior (of the entire class) than on the established school policy (two bathroom breaks every day for the entire class*).  The kids did get their bathroom breaks, but BratzBasher was understandably concerned by the possibility that they wouldn’t.

BratzBasher told all of this to me when she got home yesterday afternoon, and I called Merkin at work to fill him in.  I like to let Merkin handle these things because he’s so dang good at it.  He called the school and very politely asked what he referred to as a “perfectly innocent question” regarding school policy on bathroom access for students.  The secretary on the other end immediately connected him to the principal’s office.

Apparently, yesterday’s substitute had never worked at BratzBasher’s school before, so this was not something they’d heard before.  The principal promised to investigate and take appropriate action.  She called BratzBasher into her office today to get her official eyewitness account.  We haven’t heard anything else yet.  If other kids corroborate BB’s story, though, that sub isn’t likely to get any more calls from that school.  The good news is that BB’s teacher was healthy enough to teach today.

I’ve been trying to remember if I ever had a horrible teacher/substitute, and I can’t really think of any.  I’ve had a few incompetents.  My 8th grade science teacher quit just two months into the school year after one class made him cry.  We went through three subs before we finally landed a permanent one that could stay the remainder of the year.  He normally taught English and enjoyed telling dirty jokes.  I suppose I should’ve told my parents about him.  He also made us draw copies of the male/female sex organ diagrams during our health unit.  I remember thinking that was worse than the dirty jokes.

Merkin, on the other hand, has loads of stories about evil teachers.  He can thank the combination of public education and a tiny, rural school district for that.  If I ever meet his fourth grade teacher, I might not be able to stop myself from punching her in the face.  Well, okay, I’m too nonconfrontational for that.  I’ll settle for the passive-aggressive approach and glare her half to death.

What evil teacher stories have you all got?



*That is to say, the entire class goes as a group to the restrooms twice each day so that any kid who needs to can use the facilities.  They don’t like individual kids wandering to and from the bathrooms.  I think this has something to do with certain past incidents of bathroom vandalism.


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