Baby teeth and Bookbags

You might think those two things have nothing in common, but this is a post about BratzBasher.  “Aha!  It all makes sense now!” you say.  Or maybe you say, “Huh?”  I don’t know.  I’m not reading your mind, or monitoring the bug in your computer mouse.

BratzBasher is losing another baby tooth.  (For some reason, I thought she was all done with that.  Obviously, I’m not keeping track of these things as well as a mother should.)  BB still “believes” in the Tooth Fairy.  I use quotation marks because I don’t think she really believes — she just wants to.  Anyway, she’s decided she wants to write a letter to our friendly, neighborhood TF to leave with her tooth, so she was determined to yank it out last night.  Unfortunately, her fear of pain outweighed her eagerness to ask TF what she does with the teeth she collects.  This gives me a little extra time to figure out the answer.  I’m leaning towards grinding them into fertilizer to grow toothbrushes, but that might be too ridiculous.  What do you think?

The bookbag portion of this post has to do with BB’s insanely heavy backpack this morning.  She “accidentally” brought home three books last night.  Two of them were among the heaviest textbooks her class uses: math and reading.  There was also a paperback language workbook, but the weight of that is insignificant when compared with the other two.  She didn’t require any of them for her homework assignment — a math worksheet that was almost complete.  When I added her filled Hellboy lunchbox, the total weight of her bookbag was just shy of staggering for me.

I suppose a kind, sweet, caring mother would not have giggled at the sight of her daughter lugging an inordinately heavy bookbag around, but I couldn’t help myself.  She practically dragged the thing all the way down our driveway to the bus, then attempted to cart it up the bus steps only to have it topple back down to the street.  She had to go back and fetch it before attempting an alternate two-step method.

  1. Heave the bag onto the first step.
  2. Clamber up after it.  Then repeat 1 and 2 with each subsequent step.

It was rather comical.  Good thing she couldn’t hear me.  Hopefully, her bag won’t be so heavy this afternoon.


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

6 responses to “Baby teeth and Bookbags

  • madhousewife

    Elvis lost his first baby tooth while we were on vacation a few weeks ago. I think we lost it. Which was okay because he does not yet believe in the Tooth Fairy. Well, it’s not okay because I’m kind of sad about it, but I think if we’d told him to put it under his pillow, he would have been like, “O-kayyyyy.” So he wasn’t heartbroken. And he’ll lose more. So whatever.

  • bythelbs

    Goose lost another tooth just yesterday at school. The TF forgot to come, as usual. The TF used to add a little interest to the usual prize when she forgot, but it happens so often now that she doesn’t even bother.

    None of my kids ever brought home textbooks in grade school. Wait, is she in middles school now?

    • foo4luv

      No, she’s still in grade school. She has to bring home her textbooks if they’ve been assigned questions/problems in them, or if there’s a test the next day and the teacher expects them to use the textbook to review the chapter/story/whatever. Guess this’ll prepare her for middle school, right? Hopefully, she’ll be able to carry them more easily when she’s in 6th. Who am I kidding? She’ll just have more. Poor kid. But whenever she complains, I just point out that for the last two years of high school, the school took our lockers away because they’d had to spend so much money in the past to repair damage from vandalism. We had to cart ALL of our books around EVERY DAY. That sucked. Stu*** locker vandals.

      • bythelbs

        I love how you feel the need to blank out stu***.

        Wow, studying for tests in grade school. This is serious business.

      • foo4luv

        I don’t really feel the need to blank out stu***. It’s just that whenever we want to say the word at home without getting tickled for it, we say “stu…” and wait for someone else to fill in the “pid”. You can’t get tickled for only saying half the word. I’m basically just typing it the way I would say it.

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