You need WHAT by 6:00 TONIGHT?

BratzBasher informed me at 1:30 PM today that she needed a long-sleeved, black blouse with collar for her school band concert tonight.  Sigh.  Seriously?

Foo4: How long have you known about this?

BB: Um…since yesterday afternoon.

Foo4: Really?  Only that long?  This band director apparently has no concept of prior notification.

BB: He said we probably knew somebody we could borrow a shirt from if we didn’t already have one.

broccoli costumeSince I don’t have a black dress shirt, and Merkin’s is way too big to borrow, we went to Goodwill.  Love that store — especially since all but $5 of the cash in my wallet was earmarked for BB’s counseling session this afternoon.  BB tried on three shirts and we got one that’ll do just fine.  It’s in the washer now.  Sigh.  At least it wasn’t a broccoli costume.

This ever happen to you?  If it has, please feel free to comment — especially if it was a broccoli costume.

Happy (?) Valentine’s Day!

If anyone is still out there, that is.

I just haven’t been in the blogging spirit since Christmas.  There’s something about the post-holiday season that really gets me down.  I don’t think I’m coming off any kind of high, and I don’t think it’s lack of sunlight (tried using a light box, but it didn’t help).  I just get moody in January, and it hasn’t gone away yet.  Yeah, I know it’s the middle of February.  Maybe it’s the snow and the cold making me want to hibernate.  Maybe I just need to get out more.  Okay, this topic has grown tiresome for me.  Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Do you find it an annoyingly pink, commercial scam?  We used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know.  Lately, it’s seemed more like an obligation.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  Have to do something.  I’ve got a friend who never celebrates it on the 14th because that’s the day her husband married his first wife.  It’d be sort of like celebrating the anniversary of a failed marriage, I guess.  She doesn’t understand why he chose that day to get married, but I’ll bet it had something to do with being able to remember his anniversary.

I have a hard time remembering the exact date of my wedding anniversary.  If I don’t have it in my phone and on the calendar, it’ll just pass on by without my even realizing it.  I’m not sure if Merkin finds this amusing or annoying.  He’s taken to casually reminding me that it’s coming up.  He’s much better at remembering things than I am.

Anyway…back on topic.

BratzBasher can’t stand Valentine’s Day.  She thinks it’s too pink and girly and forced.  She cringes at the sight of hearts (though she won’t hesitate to eat them if they’re chocolate) and lace.  She groans at the sound of cheesy poetry and love songs.  It’s kind of fun to tease her about it.

BB’s German class had to make valentines yesterday.  The teacher typed up a list of “sweet nothings” that they could put on their valentines, but most of the class resorted to googling bad pickup lines.  Much giggling ensued.  I haven’t seen BB’s creation yet, but I have been assured that it’s funny.

If there’s anyone still reading this, I have a question for you: What’s the best — or worst Valentine’s Day that you can remember?  I’d share a story, but — as I’ve already stated — I have the worst memory, and I’m drawing a blank.  Well, I do remember being embarrassed about carrying a teddy bear around my high school.  Oh, that isn’t embarrassing?  It played “You Are My Sunshine” and came attached to balloons.  Okay, I know it’s actually sweet, but I never liked drawing attention to myself in high school.  My boyfriend that year was a hopeless romantic, though.  He even listened to Michael Bolton.  Okay, part of me was happy that he did something nice for me for Valentine’s Day, but I guess I would’ve preferred him to be a little more discreet.  I hope his wife appreciates the attention more than I did.  Hopeless romanticism shouldn’t be wasted on us stick-in-the-mud types.

I did get the funniest valentine from my sister.  Bythelbs sent me a card with a picture of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.  The front said, “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”  On the inside, it said, “End my agony and be my valentine.”  I showed it to the ladies in my craft group at the library.  They all got a huge kick out of it.  Even BratzBasher liked it.

And now, for your amusement, I found this on


(BratzBasher can’t stop laughing.)


Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I wanted to share some music I’ve been listening to lately to get me in the Christmas spirit.  I found a few videos of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”.  I like that this one reminds us of Christ’s entire life and mission on Earth — not just his birth.

Have a very merry Christmas, and may you and your families enjoy the blessings of Christ this holiday season.



But it’s such a novel idea!

Now that my crafting is done for the year, it’s time to clean up the front room to make way for Christmas decor.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike cleaning?  When I noticed that Her Ladyship (my dressmaker’s dummy) was stationed in front of the window where our tree usually goes, I suggested to BratzBasher that we simply decorate Her Ladyship as if she were the tree.  BB was not amused. I thought it was a great idea.  Think of the many sewing-theme ornaments I could add:

  • measuring tape garlands
  • spools of thread
  • scissors
  • buttons, snaps, and buckles
  • zipper rosettes
  • swatches of fabric
  • ribbon/elastic bows
  • everything could be attached with velcro
  • “Made by Mommy” tags
  • and many, many more!

So what non-tree item is in your house that could be decorated like a Christmas tree?  No, really.  I want to know.  Amuse me.

At last! The Dress:

Here are those pics of the wedding dress I worked on.  I know I promised them a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been busy.  The second pic is a close-up of the shrug I made to go with it.

wedding dress front


She was a gorgeous bride.  I’d show you her face, but I don’t have permission to display her photo here.  Just the dress, so you’ll have to trust my word.

Now that I’m done with that, I’m…still sewing.  I hope to be done with the crafting by tonight.  I just have to finish some pj’s for my grandma and replace the zipper on BratzBasher’s winter coat.  She’s been using mine in the meantime, and I’m starting to miss it.

The “Benevolent” Yule Goat

(an informative post brought to you by BratzBasher)

The making of the communal Yule Goat is a popular Danish tradition.  A ginormous goat is constructed out of straw and rope in the middle of the town square.  Then all of the children offer up carrots and vegetables (and all those things that they normally don’t eat) to the goat, in hopes of a good year to come.  In addition to the giant, straw goat, families make little goats to put on their Christmas trees.  On Christmas Eve, they set out their wooden shoes, filled with straw for the goat to eat.  Then, on Christmas day, their wooden shoes are filled with candy and sweets.  A parent, or other relative, will dress up as a goat and go around terrifying the small children.  The children are supposed to give the goat candy to appease its rage and to make it go away.  Kind of the opposite of Santa.

I made an adorable, little Christmas goat out of red yarn and whatever this stuff is that my mom gave me to use.  It looks like straw, but it isn’t.  [note from Foo4luv: It's raffia.]  The horns are posable, and it has this curious expression on its face — as if it’s going, “Ooh!  What’s that?  Is that for me?”

Herr Ziege

We have dubbed him “Herr Ziege”.  That’s German for “Mr. Goat”.

Origami Nativity

Our ward had a lovely Christmas program/mixer, complete with homemade nativity sets made by the attending families.  I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera so I could show you all of the creative ideas, but you’ll have to settle for these pictures I took of our nativity when we got home.   The origami was BratzBasher’s idea.

100_0164Here’s an overall view.  Ignore my cluttered table, please.

100_0165A closer view of the stable, shepherd, animals, and angel.

100_0166Look at those wise men on the camels — they’re actually samurai!  (I couldn’t find a pattern for wise men, and these guys fit on the camels.)

For those of you interested in where I got the patterns…(Unfortunately, I can’t just give you links.  If it’s YouTube, it’ll show up here as a full video.  Oh well.)

  • modular 5-pointed star
  • angel
  • stable
  • Mary   If you watch this on the YouTube site, it’ll have the links for Joseph and Baby Jesus on the side, or you can click on the link to danbergam’s page and look for them there.  I used the same pattern for Joseph and the shepherd, but I gave the shepherd a crook.
  • donkey — This one’s a bit tricky, as there is only a drawn diagram.
  • sheep
  • samurai warrior — This one doesn’t even have a diagram, but it’s fairly simple.  It starts out a lot like a cootie catcher/fortune teller.  I altered it a bit by folding in the top corners of the arms, folding the head backwards to the other side, and cutting a slit on the bottom to divide the legs so they could ride the camels.

Sorry I can’t provide a link for the camels, but the page is gone.  There are other neat camel patterns, but I liked these the best.

I did cheat and use glue dots to keep some parts together so that they would stand better.  (The camels’ front legs kept splaying.)  I also used glue dots to mount the star on the stable and add strips of cardstock to make stands for the angel, Jesus, and Mary.




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